External specialists /especialistas externos

Hi, I’m quite new here and english is not my mother language, so sorry if this thread is old.
I have pictures or samples of species identified by reputable or well known specialists, but they are not members of inaturalist.
a) sometimes this has been identified in another site (i.e. biodiversidadvirtual.org, insecte.org, facebook.com). Can I put the link in the comment so a inaturalist specialist can easily validate that ?
b) If it was identified in a private message or it comes from a revised collection, how could I afford that as a postive identification?

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Yes. you always can add a link or comment how you got to the id, it’s ok to post the link from another website, don’t worry.


Feel free to write in Spanish, that’s what this subcategory is for. :-)

You can definitely add this information, but the observation won’t reach Research Grade status without being confirmed by the iNaturalist community.