Fail whale when clicking notification for comment

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Chrome

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Step 1: Just got two notifications for Fiona’s comments on an observation I ID’ed.

Step 2: Hovering over them shows an internal server error (pic 1)

Step 3: Clicking on either of them sends me to a fail whale (pic 2)

Step 4: Unsure if related, but nothing is loading on my dashboard under all updates (pic 1 can see it)

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Don’t want to hijack your theme, but I get whale shark when trying to open your observations when logged in my (or another) account, does anyone else experience the same or maybe you know what may cause that? (maybe you deleted something and it’s still shown under your observations)

Yes. This happend to me once.

Try again and it should work.

Thank you! I didn’t want to start another theme as I feel I make too many bug reports. It doesn’t go anywhere, I try 2 browsers and 2 accounts, obs are shown when logged off. Works ok with other users. All updates are working for me.

ditto, it’s only not working for one user for me too

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The site must have gone down for a minute.

Continuing for around 10 minutes or even more.

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The entire main site is being laggy / unresponsive for me. Maybe they’re getting ready for some update, ergo the notice on the front page that they’ll be offline a while this week?

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Same, I’ve been getting errors and slow loading times while attempting to view some user’s observations for the past few days. Not to mention the whale shark error stuff I’m getting now

The fail whaleshark errors were mostly the same bug that should be fixed now (though I wasn’t quite able to replicate it in a test environment, which goes part of the way toward explaining how it got released in the first place).


Yup, it’s working for me!