"Failed to Fetch" error in excluding taxa on project

After I click “Done” to add more excluded taxa on a project, the error “Failed to fetch” appears. Sometimes it saves the data, but most of the time it fails to do so. It once took me about 30 minutes to successfully save the data I was currently working on. The list is getting quite long and it seems like that might be an additional factor into this problem.

I have been entering the data on my Chrome browser and working on this project: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/invader-detectives-dc.

Step1: Enter species

Step 2: Click done

Step 3: Error message

Step 4: Species not saved


I had this error multiple times trying to add a banner or icon for a project.

Welcome to the forum, @waynard21! Sorry you are having problems.

Pretty sure this has to do with the enormous number of rules in this project’s requirements. Would it be possible to make multiple projects and split them along taxonomic lines?

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