Failed to reorder photos

I failed several times to reorder the photos of this observation:


The order remains unchanged.

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I got another issue while saving this other observation after reordering the photos:

I got this after click on “Save observation”:

Worse, it becomes impossible to load the page of this observation:

After a click on the observation summary above:

After reloading the Observations page, it now appears without any photo:

I create another observation for these photos and let you check this ghost observation, if it can help, before I try to delete it.

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Same is happening for me.

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I am having the same issue using the iPhone app. When I upload an observation with multiple photos, the photos do not appear in the order in which I entered them. When I try to reorder them, the order remains unchanged or changes to an order I did not choose.

We’re investigating this bug.

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Bug has been investigated and (I hope) fixed. I’ve messages those of you who were affected. Ironically, this bug with disappearing photos was due to my efforts to investigate another bug with disappearing photos. Not exactly my week / month / year / etc. Then again, it’s not exactly humanity’s best year.


Now I can reorder the photos of the observation I mentioned at the beginning. Thanks!