Re-ordering photos on web is not reflected in the Android app

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into observation with multiple photos
  2. Click Edit button
  3. Click Re-Order Photos link
  4. Change number order beside boxes (0 - [number])
  5. Click Update Photos
  6. Click Save Observation
  7. Photos are reordered on site; go to mobile app
  8. Photo order has not changed. Pull down to refresh, still nogo.

Re-Order photos in app, and the new order will appear in both the web and mobile app platforms

Sorry about the confusion @star3, I meant that filing an actual bug report would be best. I moved it here.

Oh! Sorry.
Thank you for moving it for me.

For what it’s worth I re-opened this bug report: I think the issue goes both ways.

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The github issue was closed again in July, and I just confirmed it works on one of my observations.

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