FAQ for adding photos and combining observations?

A common problem is that a new user submits multiple photos of the same organism as separate observations. Perhaps I am missing it, but it would be great to have a FAQ (and copy-and-paste-able link) that discusses how to add multiple photos to one observation and how to delete/combine observations after this mistake has been made?


Here’s the how-to

Also note:

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Cool, thanks! Is there any reason why we can’t put that on the FAQ page as well? It is certainly seems to be a common issue that deserves a place there?

I don’t know. It’s up to the site admins to decide what goes into the FAQ. The Getting Started Guide does mention “Help […] by including multiple photos” and other relevant explanations:

Actually there’s a similar tutorial on the Video Tutorials page of the help pages:
Perhaps they could add a link to the forum tutorials there?

Not necessarily, although FAQs about policy should be created by staff and new FAQs should be added judiciously. @kschnei is a curator, and he could edit the FAQ page. I think it’d be best to just link to the tutorial here, though, rather than go through the rigamarole of creating it on the FAQ wiki, which is not easy.