How post multiple photos as one observation?

Hi, I’m a newbie here. In some cases it’s very important to post multiple photos for a single observation (e.g., close-ups of body parts for insect ID) . I saw some discussion about ways to join multiple photos into a single observation, but I didn’t really understand how (I’m using a computer to enter data).

Can someone supply a clear explanation of how to do this? Thanks very much!


Hi, welcome! :) On the website uploader you can drag one “card” on top of another to combine two images into one.You can also hold down the ctrl key and click each photo card you want to merge into one observation, then click Combine. The outline of the card will turn green when it’s selected. The web uploader video tutorial demonstrates this at around the 2:09 mark:

On the apps there’s a button to add additional images. On iOS I think it’s in the top left corner. On Android there’s one +photo button in the top left and one in the bottom right.


If you’ve already added the observations, there isn’t currently an easy way to merge them together. You’ll have to go to one of them and click Edit in the top right corner, and add the remaining images.Then go back to the other observations and remove them.

Click where it says “Edit” (not the downward facing arrow)

Click “Choose Files” to navigate to the photos on your computer.
Add the photos, and “Save observation” (bottom left)

To delete one of the duplicate observations, click the downward arrow in the top right and choose Delete


Thank you oh so much, super helpful!

Great name, by the way, we have a patch of B. gracilis we planted :)


The easiest way I have found to post multiple photos to an observation is to post the observation with one photo. This takes me to my list of observtions. Then open the observation and add photos with the + under the image. No need to edit.


Oof, yep. Forgot about that spot. Screenshots here

It’s also possible to drag and drop files onto the photo of an existing observation.

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