Feature request: Filter flags by taxon

i noticed that there are a lot of taxon flags, but it seems like there is no option to filter them by a specified taxon. For example, it is not possible to show all taxon flags concerning a single family.

I dont dare to resolve flags concerning taxa i am not familiar with. I think it is good to have an overview on the topic, or at least on which catalogue to use/trust. But there are too many flags to look through them to find the ones concerning my group. That’s why i would find it useful to have the option to filter them. Right now, i am only curating taxa if i stumble upon an issue randomly. What do you think?

Best wishes,

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Hi Jakob, I’ve put in a request to make this filter more prominent, but you are already able to filter flags by taxon. For example, here are all the unresolved flags on ground beetles.


thanks, i overlooked that!

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