Feature Request Topic Titles?


Looking at Charlie’s topic here I’m wondering if we should have a norm of feature request titles including action verbs? To me it might make the request just a little more clear (not that this one isn’t clear, of course).

So in this case, “Create separate accounts for students” or something along those lines. Not a big deal either way, but I would like to vote for an action.

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That is a good idea, it would be great to establish those sorts of things early on.

(i went and edited my post so it would match that)



Cool, for future reference the title was “Student Accounts”.



I had the same thought, that a verb/more info would make it clearer. Changing the title is a standard thing in the Github issues and it definitely helps for optimizing long-term searching efforts too.



Cool, I’ll add that to the “About” topic for this category.