Feeding in postmetamorphic male Melanocetidae

Males of Melanocetidae do not (despite popular belief) seem to be parasitic; furthermore, postmetamorphic specimens have been found with prey items in their stomachs. Unfortunately, I have not been able to ascertain the exact nature of the prey since the research citations all seem to point to a paywalled book (and I am too scared of people to email any ceratioid researchers).

Does anyone here happen have further information on this subject? I am primarily interested in the size of the male’s swallowed prey items in comparison to its body.

which article is being paywalled for you?

Bertelsen E (1951) The ceratioid fishes. Ontogeny, taxonomy, distribution and biology. Dana Rep 39:1–276

unfortunately my university doesn’t have access to it :(

Thanks for looking anyways though!

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