Field:captive/cultivated always blank in export

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome


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Description of problem:

When I export a CSV file of observations and request to include ‘field:captive/cultivated’, the field is always blank.

The above screenshots were taken from a very simple export query, i.e.
Search: Ohlone
User: chris_nelson
As expected, this simple export returns a single observation. Although the observation is marked in iNaturalist with a ‘thumbs down’ next to ‘Organism is wild’, the captive/cultivated field is blank in exported CSV.

Maybe does blank mean that it wasn’t marked as such? I haven’t done testing on this but that would make sense.

Hi @chris_nelson, you’re selecting a community-added observation field by checking that box. It doesn’t look like the observation you linked to has that observation field, or any others, attached to it:

No need to select any special observation fields when trying to identify whether an exported observation was marked as “not wild” / “captive/cultivated”. The column in the exported csv is included by default in all exports. On the export page it’s under the “Basic” section. In the csv it will be called “captive_cultivated” with values true and false:


Oh, I see it now. Thanks, Cassi!

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