Files corrupting after upload

Android 10, Note 10+

App Version 1.20.10 (441)

I upload photos taken with my Nikon Camera (D3500) to most of my records. To do so I take a filler photo in the field to gather location data then add the actual photo later. I shoot the images in RAW and use the Android app Snapseed to edit the photos to Jpeg. I add the photos to the records using the app and sync the whole batch. The records all upload correctly with all the image files intact, but after uploading the photos normally about 50% of the original jpeg files I uploaded are corrupted on my device and become unusable. I often end up having to reprocess 10-20 photos out of each batch because the files are corrupted by the upload process. I first noticed this error around a month ago.

Step 1: Create record in the field using the app

Step 2: Download Raw files and edit in the Snapseed app to produce Jpeg files

Step 3: Add the Jpeg files to the record and sync.

After these steps are complete the files on my device are corrupted.

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How do you add the photos to Snapseed? I’ve got a Nikon, I’ll try to replicate.

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I download the photos using either the built-in camera Wifi or physically using a card reader (I’ve done both)

After the files are on the device I normally use the gallery app, share the file, and select the Snapseed app from the share list.

I normally do about 20-30 records at a time so while it doesn’t happen to every record it happens at least a few times in every batch.

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Thank you. Can you please send log files to To send log files, go to the About tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us.

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Do you want me to send it now, and/or wait until the next time it happens?


I went ahead and sent the logs since yesterday because this last occurred very early this morning.

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Just following up here, I haven’t been able to replicate. Is this still happening?

Sorry I didn’t see you had replied, I don’t know if I have the notifications turned on. The issue doesn’t seem to be occurring anymore, just my luck that I put off posting about hoping it would resolve itself and it does as soon as I post about it. Thank you for your help looking into this though.


Glad it’s not happening any more, but do let us know if something crops up.