Uploading to app duplicates photos on camera roll

Platform: iOS

App version number: 2.8.7

Description of problem

Step 1: Starting from today, every time I upload a photo to the app, the photo gets duplicated in my camera roll.

Step 2: All affected photos were taken using the main phone camera, not the camera on the app.

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Hmm, I can’t replicate. Anyone else experiencing this?

Extra information I just noticed:

It was actually the duplicates that got uploaded, because the timestamps for date observed were the same as date uploaded, rather than when I actually took each photo.

Hmm. Can you provide a set of steps that we can follow to reproduce this?

  1. Open app and hit observe
  2. Hit the library option
  3. Select photo from camera roll
  4. Fill out details and upload
  5. Once the observation has fully uploaded, a second version of the photo suddenly appears in camera roll. However, I guess it must be ‘created’ the instant I select the original photo in the camera roll, because the timestamp for the photo present in the observation = when I selected it rather than when I took the original photo.
  6. Duplication only happens once; I tried to upload one of my photos that got duplicated again, but it doesn’t create a triplicate.
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Still can’t replicate on my phone, I’m sorry.

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Thanks for trying. Not the biggest deal, I can just delete the duplicates afterwards. Just seemed odd as it’s never happened to me before