Filter all of your observations that have been added to one or more projects

Is there a way to filter all of your observations that have been added to one or more projects? One of my observations was added to a project today which I think is useless and the purpose of which I do not agree with, so I deleted the project from the observation. I would like to check my other observations, too, and be able to revise and delete projects they have been added to. However, doing this manually for all of my observations would cost a lot of time.

This may sound harsh but the purpose of this post is merely practical as I cannot find this filter option. My intention is not to spread negativity about any projects, and many projects are great initiatives of course! It is just that I do not want my observations to be part of certain projects that I do not agree with and I would like to be able to check this quickly, if possible.

Edit: I do know that I can filter observations based on the name of a project but this is of course impossible to do if I do not have an overview of all of the projects that my observations have been added to in the first place.

you can tell if an observation is associated with a traditional project, but the only way to tell if an observation is associated with a collection or umbrella project is by either filtering by that specific project or by joining that project.

that said, the best way to find which projects your observations are tied to is probably by using the API to get all your observations and then just parsing through each observation to find which projects they are associated with.


You should get a notice (edit: a notice on your dashboard, but not a separate notification), when someone adds one of your observations to a traditional project.

If you are generally not enthusiastic about people adding your observation to traditional projects, you can change your profile settings to restrict who can do so (e.g., you can restrict it only to curators, or only to projects you are a member of, etc.).

(Though I would note that you also may miss out on some interesting projects this way – you will have to weigh whether it makes sense in your case.)


Thanks to both for the comments but neither of the replies really answer the question of my post, which is if there is way to filter all of your observations that have been added to one or more projects (and thus leaving out observations that have not been added to any projects), so I guess this feature simply does not exist (yet).

Would be a nice new feature for the search filter then: “has been added to a project: yes/no”

you can ask for this in a feature request, but i doubt it would / could be implemented the way you’ve described it because of what i noted above:

if you scoped this down to apply to traditional projects only, then i think it’s more likely you’d get this implemented. otherwise, i think it would be too confusing because you’d be able to find an observation by filtering on, say, a specific collection project, but then unless you joined the collection project, you wouldn’t find the same observation by filtering on your proposed filter.

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