Filter by month in "explore" section contains duplicate months (Android app)


Using the Android app, I tried to filter observations in my area by month. Here is the drop down menu of months, which a) does not list all of the calendar months and b) duplicates some months. A screenshot is attached.

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Ps. This was after specifying “hymenoptera” as the taxon of interest

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Just occurred to me, it may be relevant that I have observations in two different time zones.

Welcome to the forum, @metatherian and thanks for the bug report!

i see the same thing. if i pick the first December in the month list, it looks like i’m getting November results back. if i pick the second December in the month list, it looks like i’m getting December results back. the months that have problems appear to be months that don’t end with 31.

Here’s a similar bug report filed recently:

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that’s interesting. the issue logged there on 12/29/2019 seems to show only February affected, and February is the only month with fewer than 30 days. so that suggests that the month list is created by using whatever the current day of the month is.

for example, on 12/28/2019:
02/28 = February (ok)
04/28 = April (ok)

on 12/29/2019:
02/29 = March (bad)
04/29 = April (ok)

on 12/31/2019:
02/31 = March (bad)
04/31 = May (bad)

probably tomorrow (1/1/2020), it will look like things have been resolved (even if nothing was done).

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I think this is some sort of insanity stemming from a JavaScript month handling functions. (Note: date/time issues are insane in any language.) may be related.

Hi, I can confirm that all is now back to normal and I guess this is a dependency weirdness.

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Happy new year everybody!

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Ps, it should also be “choose month(s)” rather than “choose months(s)” but that is a separate matter…