Thai date issues

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While browsing fresh observations in Thailand, I stumbled upon a few observations showing a year of 1477 by different Thai users.
Thailand uses a different calendar - year since Buddha’s birth, which is 543 before Christ; see e.g.
When you add up 1477+543, you’ll arrive in 2020.
That is somehow the wrong calendar was assumed.


That makes sense, I’ll add it to my weekly report. I have to say, I do like the relative date this creates in grid view:


Unfortunately, such observations fail to show a “recent” proof of an animal/plant and hence cannot become “research grade”. But at least, the flora and fauna of medieval Thailand gets documented.


Looks like it’s iOS related, our developer is taking a look.

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OK, a potential fix to prevent this should be out in the next few days, at least in beta, maybe in the App Store. Once we know it works and it’s been out for a bit, we should be able to run a script to convert the observations that have been affected by it.

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These observations are still showing up like this. I downvoted some of them before I realized, but I guess I’ll leave the rest in case you do run a script to fix it.

That still doesn’t explain this wasp from 1800 years ago:

(I know it’s a typo, but it’s a funny one)

@tiwane are you still planning on running a script to fix this data? Should we be voting that the dates on these observations are inaccurate?

Yeah, this got put on the backburner a bit because after some investigation we found that the the time offset is really bizarre so we need to make a decision on how to handle that before running the script. Brought back off the backburner so hopefully it’ll happen soon.