App shows Duplicate Observations, but not Desktop

Platform: Android

App version number: 1.26.11 (541)

URLs of any relevant observations or pages:

Screenshots of what you are seeing:


Description of problem: App sometimes shows a duplicate of an observation after uploading several. The duplicate does not appear when I view my observations on the desktop app. When I delete the duplicate, both observations are removed. This is the third time the bug has occurred in the past 2 weeks.

The second time this happened, I didn’t attempt to delete the observation for a couple of days because I was hoping it would go away on its own. It didn’t disappear even though I gave it some time, so I attempted to remove the duplicate and both disappeared again.

I have emailed my app’s logs to; the subject is iNaturalist Android Logs (version 1.26.11 - 541; user id - owlbyr; Android API = 28).

Step 1: Upload observations using app.

Step 2: Allow observations to finish loading/syncing.

Step 3: After loading/syncing finishes, a duplicate of one of the observations appears.

Step 4: Delete one of the observations.

Step 5: Both observations are removed.

That’s a known bug both in app and website for many years, and it’s probably will be here forever, those are not duplicates, just showing one observations more than once, so don’t delete those, try closing the app fully and reopening it again, this comes and goes away.


Okay, thanks for letting me know! I wasn’t sure since I saw the last time this bug was reported (atleast in the “Similar To” popups) was ~1 year ago, so just making sure it wasn’t “fixed” and then re-emerged again.