Filter Dashboard For Inbox Notifications Only

Is there a way to filter out one’s dashboard to only show notifications that have appeared in your inbox?

I always open notifications in new tabs, but only sometimes actually take a few days to respond to some of the more demanding ones - when I can put more time into it (I know, I know).

Today I lost all my Chrome browsing data and so all the already opened tabs along with it. I have tried everything to restore these tabs, but nothing seems to work. Well, I realise this was a bad habit for this exact reason, but I am still wondering if I could somehow use the dashboard to access these notifications that had been building up over the past week. I am more than willing to sift through this for hours on end if it means I get them back to respond to all these tags, comments, differing IDs, etc. Filtering out the dashboard to only show these would make it worthwhile. I don’t have notifications for agreements turned on…

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


try this link from @pisum ? (ones you have opened will drop off and the ones you haven’t will stay on so you won’t miss them - says @sgene) on

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I started to suggest that, but if the observation pages were already opened I’m not sure it will work.


It works! If I toggle with the filters on that link enough, I can somehow get it to bring through all of my recent past notifications. It will take a while to sort through literally thousands of them, but I must have lost at least 50 rather important notifications which I was “saving for later” for a more in-depth reply, lol. If I can find at last half of them then that’ll make me feel a bit better. I don’t even remember any of them, but hopefully I can recognise at least a few. Not the first time this has happened either…

Thanks both!


even after you’ve opened a particular observation, you should still be able to see the old notifications associated with those observations for up to 3 months. just change the parameters at the top of the page to filter for viewed=false or viewed=[blank].

i’m not sure if this will entirely fulfill the request of the original poster here, but it’s better than nothing, i suppose.


If anyone can help … @pisum can!


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