Managing large number of comments in my inbox

As part of my work checking to make sure that observations are correctly identified and wild, I am leaving comments for hundreds of iNatters and happily many of them reply. I can’t find an efficient way to manage all the replies (in the form of comments) that I get back. In the updates tab on my home page, I have to scroll quite a lot to get back to the oldest comments. I can’t tell how many comments there are total. I can’t find a way to mark that I’m finished with the comment, so I have to write down where I left off. I really need some help here!


You may find this tool created by @pisum helpful:


I do pretty much what brian_d does, and would only add that by right-clicking the notification and opening it in a new tab, you in effect mark that comment as “read” so if you refresh your home page those comments won’t open in the bubble icon any more.


When I have several notifications and I do want to open them all simultaneously, I open the (Android) app.

While I prefer to read and respond to comments via the website, in the app it is possible to click on each notification separately. Thus, I can selectively reduce the amount of unread notifications in my Inbox.

Haven’t tried Pisum’s tool yet, but will give it a try as well

I use this method like @carnifex does. Even though I’m a website user, I view the notifications tab in Android App because the unread ones are highlighed green and the green doesn’t disappear until fully clicked on.

Staff have been working on a “notifications revamp” for the last 3 years, which will hopefully help us a lot.


I do what @brian_d says with a modification. As I review the drop down display of notifications, I can use my Ctrl button with a mouse tap to select to open wanted notifications in a new tab instead of using the right click.

If I want to look back at history of notifications I to find it easier to manage on my Android App. As has been said there are features of this that make it easier.

What would be nice is, like in my browser bookmarks folders, if I could open all in their own tab with a choice of open all tabs.


February 2019 …

My mouse has a middle-click (i.e. mouse-wheel press), which I use for opening links in a new tab. I think I originally had to change a setting in my browser (Firefox) to make this work, but it may be enabled by default in more recent versions. Anyway, if your system supports it, this is a very nice time-saving shortcut.

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This is like Christmas, beyond my wildest dreams of what a helpful answer to my question could be. Thank you thank you thank you! I am new here and I do not know how to show appreciation to @pisum for authoring this API. What do people do to express gratitude. Hubby says on the forum he works with there is a tip jar…


you’re welcome. i’m glad this tool helps you, and i would simply encourage you to pay it forward and occasionally help others in the community in whatever way you can. also, if you (or anyone else who uses this or other related tools) happens to have a GitHub account, a star on the jumear/stirfy repo could help to make these tools more visible to others, possibly encouraging others to help make more things that will benefit the community here.


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