How to handle a growing number of notifications

I have been getting a growing number of notifications every day, I’ll wake up in the morning or get home from work and see several hundred waiting to be checked. Curious what I can do to streamline this?

I know I can turn off confirming ID notifications and if I could turn them off by taxon I’d turn them off for Bombus, but if I make an ID outside of Bombus I do still want to see that confirmation from someone else.

So what do the mega-identifiers on here do to keep up with the notifications? For me it’s gotten to the point where I have missed tags that I found much later because they just got buried.

Any thoughts appreciated.


This creation by @pisum won’t reduce the number of notifications, but the ones you have opened will drop off and the ones you haven’t will stay on so you won’t miss them.


Thanks, I’ll try that out. I hit 92,000 ID’s, I shudder to think what the notifications are like north of a quarter million.


I turned off confirming IDs - too much, and while a few confirmations might be interesting to know about, the benefit of that doesn’t outweigh the deluge of notifications. I would suggest trying turning off confirmations for a few days and see what impact it has (you can always switch back). That’s probably the single easiest change you can make to stay sane!


Is there a way to turn off confirming ID notifications on other user’s observations but keep them on for mine?


I wish! But unfortunately no, there isn’t.


I can keep up with mine - and I like to look at each one.
Then I unfollow one by one on a need to know basis.
Actively follow the few, where I have no idea and want to know what others settle on.

Still waiting for iNat to bring us the promised way to manage notifications. One person has left iNat in despair at their deluge of notifications, which is sad.

If Bombus is ‘your problem’ you could proactively UNfollow each time you add an ID to the ones you don’t need to be notified of. Keeping notifications active for the few that you are interested in.


Yes, an interesting thought is that whether it’s a good approach to turn off confirming ID notifications might depend on one’s approach to IDing. I only ID (as opposed to just commenting with a “it might be XXXX”) for observations where I feel pretty certain - I don’t have any worries about someone agreeing to my ID. For identifiers that offer more speculative IDs, it might be more important for them to check confirming/agreeing ID notifications as there’s a higher chance of an incorrect or at least uncertain RG level resulting.

I still prefer to check each agreement - when I am either happy with the ID, or it has moved beyond me - unfollow. Not seeing agreeable IDs gains me nothing.

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