Filter for observations with a certain number of identifications

Using the search and reading through the URL-wiki I could not find this topic:
I only want to see observations which have a certain number of identifications (or even better: more than x identifications). Plus, as a bonus, I would include in the URL-string a number of disagreeing observations as well. Is this possible?

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This sounds like it should be in #feature-requests, not general. I don’t think this is a thing yet.

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I think it’s fine to ask if something is possible before making a feature request. I’m also pretty sure you can’t do this (maybe with API somehow) but you can download and sort this information.

Pisum once made me a tool that did something like this. I have it bookmarked on my computer and I will try to remember to look at it when I get home

Why didn’t I think of that!

Is there a way without downloading thousands of observations?

i don’t think regular users have an efficient way to do this.


you might be thinking of this what we’re talking about here: How to exclude observations with disagreeing IDs? - General - iNaturalist Community Forum. the thing i made for that may or may not be relevant here, but it doesn’t allow you to filter by number of identifications, nor by number of disagreeing observations. it can display number of ids and also can display disagreements in a certain way though. example usage:

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