Sort observations by number of identifications

Is there a way to sort observations by the number of IDs they have?

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From the Observations screen, go into Filters. Select Download. Or if you are on “Your Observations” page, scroll to the bottom and select Export CSV.

On the query page, make sure you have the number_identification_agreement and number_Identification_disagreement checked under “Choose Columns” in your query. Download and save the data into a spreadsheet (Excel, Calc etc).

Insert a column into the spreadsheet that will add number_identification_agreement and number_Identification_disagreement together. Then you can sort the spreadsheet on that column and then by taxa. You may have to sort on more than three columns to get it sorted taxonomically. This article shows you how to sort more than three columns:

Maybe a bit of more work than you were expecting but this should do what you want.


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