Add filter option to exclude observations without community ID suggestion or comments

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When I am on my observation list, I would like to have the possibility to filter easily so that I see only observation that have been contributed to by someone else, either by an ID suggestion or a comment.

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Simple filter option “show only observations with more than one contributor”.

I could see this being rather useful: frequently I run into observations have been stuck at higher taxon levels because of conflicting ID’s. These are often easy ID’s that just got buried in the pile. Something like this would make them easier to highlight.


Sounds similar to:

Yah, the feature could be coded by filtering from observations that have conflicting IDs because there are multiple IDs that are at the same taxonomic level (e.g. IDs of two genera, two families, etc).

This wouldn’t be perfect (e.g. someone ID as species Apis mellifera and the disagreement is genus Bombus) but it would highlight a lot of observations that are stuck at high levels because there needs to be a few people agreeing to override wrong IDs.

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Sounds similar in spirit to @jeanphilippeb’s pre-maverick project

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essentially pre-maverick but caught even sooner by just needed 1 disagreement

Could this help?!/Observations/get_observations

Some agree:

Most agree:

Most disagree:


Many seem to be getting side tracked finding those with conflicting IDs which have thus been bumped up to higher taxon, but that is NOT what the original poster asked for.

The original proposal is simply “show only observations with more than one contributor”. Now that would include confirmed (research grade at the species level) and ones that have lots of discussion, but finding those stuck in a higher taxon seems like a different request.

Maybe @thierrya could clarify the use case they were considering. What are you going to do when you find these observations that have had activity other than yourself?


The focus also seems to be just for when they are looking at their own observations, not observations generally.

I suppose the original proposal is even more restrictive: “show only those of my observations with more than zero third-party contribution”

I described my request in some more detail here

But basically, I’m looking for a simple way to list only those of my observations that have been contested or challenged, so that i can look at them again and (probably) correct my IDs


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Yes, that helped, indeed !

The one thing that seems to be missing is identifications=some_disagree

Still, starting with your suggestions, I was able to get to this:
Which is close to what I was looking for. Thanks you !

I consider this as a solution for now, but I still think that an easy way to display only “Needs_ID” + “more than one taxon suggested” would be beneficial, not only for me (which is obvious) but also to the community as it would help get more observations to Research Grade.

That’s what I had in mind when suggesting the addition of a filter.

Thanks for the help !

exactly :grinning: