How to make lists without filter feature?

Now that self-updating custom life lists are dead :frowning_face: , what is the best way to make lists from observations? Is there a way to export the results of a filtered observation search to a list? For example, if I want to update my bird list, would I have to type them in one by one or is there a way to copy the species results from a filtered search?

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Sorry to add a side bar but do we know why this change was made?

The auto-lists were slowing down the website too much. They made an announcement about it.

Missed that but fair enough.

I have a few lists and I just cross checked a few of them with my Dynamic Life List and I was able to generate the info I wanted out of my other lists. It also has a feature to show me what had been observed within my search place but I had yet to record observing it.

The only thing I could not do is run it against a checklist within that system - by checklist I mean some kind of community, external to iNaturalist, created checklist that could be greater than what had been observed but also had maybe not been expanded to observations new to the area by iNat observations.

However I can upload that checklist as I could before but, from what I can see, I cannot see what of that list I have seen.

Hmmm. Not sure if this is significant to me or not. I used to run a subtractive list of what was left to see. Now all I can do is compare myself to other observers. I live in a populated enough area with other observers that this may be minor but I could see with other places or taxa that it is not.

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