Filter to exclude "obscured" observations

When compiling a list of observations in a “place of interest”, is there a way to exclude “obscure” obs since there is no way to know for certain if they occur within the boundary of the “place of interest”
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Add &geoprivacy=open to your search url

Compare which has 34,465 records

vs which has 34,729

note the place in this example is a park of almost 10,000 km2 so not many records which are obscured will get excluded, but the numbers show it works,


i think the reason you want to filter out obscured observations in this case may need to be reexamined.

@bbk-htx - just to clarify what this means:

  • obscured records can be excluded from a place search if their obscuring boundary box (the roughly 22*22 km box around the actual location that is generated) goes outside the place
  • records whose obscuring boundary box covers a place but which are not actually in that place will never appear in a search using that place.

The obscuring regarding places is exclusively an excluding process, it is never additive.


I need to find observations that are actually on a small beach in a natural area. It’s very frustrating to only be able to see all the obscured observations!

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