Filtering a project by condition?

I just started a new project called “Lichen Bleaching.” We want to only feature lichen observations that include signs of bleaching or necrosis. There does not seem to be an option of “alive or dead” for fungi, so we cannot filter that way. We are looking at all lichens all over the world, so we are not filtering by taxon nor location.
Is there a way to either (A) add a tag or condition such that only observations with that tag get added to the project or (B) give project members the option of which observations to add to the project?

You need a traditional project and can add a “must add” observation field that you can create, e.g. “is lichen bleached - yes/no”.


might it be worth making a feature request for such annotations?

I think it would be difficult to apply this annotation to fungi, since most encounters with them are with only the fruiting bodies. A mushroom rotting away does not mean the rest of the fungus is dead (but that is how some observers would interpret it).

I think the number of cases where someone genuinely observes a dead fungus would be slim
(preparing myself for the flood of dead fungus examples that people have D:)


thats true. lots of rotting fruiting bodies would end up being wrongly labelled and fixing it would be a tremendous effort wouldnt it

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This sounds great but I do not see where the “must add” observation field option is!

You need to start a traditional project, there you can add an observation field filter and check that it must be added.

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