Filters in Taxon Photo Selections to search by annotations

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When setting the default photos for a taxon, it is helpful to have photos of different presentations of the organism (male & female, flowering & seeding, life stages, etc). There is currently no way to filter for these inside the the taxon photo selection window. You just have to keep hitting “Next” until you see one that fits.


Feature request details:

It would be great if the annotations filters were present in the taxon photo selection as they are in the taxon gallery:

YES! This would be a big help!

Maybe there should also be a way to search observations by certain users and/or use links to observations for adding taxon photos.


If you post an observation’s ID number in the search box you’ll see its photos. Let’s say I wanted to add a fruiting photo to Calochortus umbellatus. I can find a photo (for this example I’ll just use my recent one) and enter the observation’s number (in this case 112983280). I then see:

So that’s the current workaround - find the observation you want and then search for it in the photo editor. But I agree it would be cool to have filters in the photo editor.


Wow! That makes things so much easier!


Yep, @jwidness taught me that earlier today.

I still made the feature suggestion, because I am greedy with my UI requests. :laughing:

I thought there might still be value in having less steps (1. filtered searching directly from the Taxon Photo box, versus 1.filtered searching in the gallery, 2. navigating to observation, 3. copying the number, 4. returning to the Taxon Photo Box)


I wish I had known that earlier! I’ve been flicking through the pages trying to find the good photo I saw in an observation.


As I said, I like your request (I voted for it). I just wanted to let @That_Bug_Guy know about the current available process.


This is a great tip, thank you so much!
I used to look at so many pages of photos to look for the most representative ones…


Given the amount of people (myself included) who didn’t know this was an option, I’m wondering now if I should also submit a separate feature request to add something to the verbiage on that box making it a little more obvious that you can enter a specific observation number in there. :laughing:

Something like:


Would be nice to have all search filters available there!


I started small with my feature request, but if it can be done, maybe that’s the next logical step.

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FYI, I did make a separate request for that:

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Yes, please! I came here to request the same thing for life stage annotations…if I’m trying to identify caterpillars, seeing a bunch of adult moth/butterfly photos is cool but not at all helpful.


Well, if you just want to compare pics, the filters do exist in the gallery. They just aren’t there when you select Taxon photos.

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Yes, but having to go to the gallery for each potential species slows the comparison process down a lot, so being able to filter in the gallery isn’t a lot of help. Being able to easily set the Taxon photos to include multiple life stages will be a lot more help. (Being able to have the Compare window filter out wrong-life-stage photos would also be helpful.)

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Absolutely, which is why I submitted this feature request.
My apologies, for some reason I thought you were suggesting comparing photos in observations to all the available annotated ones, not just the ones in the taxon photos…eg. for a new caterpillar, seeing ALL the larval stage photos for that species in the compare tool, instead of opening the gallery in a separate tab.

On reflection, I should have realized you weren’t saying that; obviously, we can’t have ALL the larval photos in the Identitron ID tool/default taxon photos/etc.

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If you want to id at the level of Order Lepidoptera, there are a whole bunch pre-annotated for you! ;)