Find/Exclude observations without a location?

OK, weird twist on place exclusion: While searching through casual, I know how to exclude humans, pets, potted plants. and records without photos. If I also want to exclude ones without any location given, what is the proper exclusion term? These might not work: place_id=null or not_in_place=true (heh)

Then, I might as well also ask what the term is for excluding ones with no observation date. Thanks for advice!


Hm reading back over my post, it’s confusingly written. To be clear I want to search for observations that definitively do have a location, and exclude the ones without a location. These might not work for that: place_id=any or not_in_place=false

But since others may even specifically want to search for records without place or without date to help people get those particular orphaned observations in shape, I’ll leave the prior unclear post as an implied question about that too.

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I took a stab at rewriting the topic title that I had thunk up. Feel free to change again. :)


I have tried place_id=140014 (0,0) to specify none location and place_id=0 (the world) and place_id=Unknown to exclude it so far with no luck.

A bounding box encompassing the world might do it, but I don’t know how, or if it would allow a box that size.

If your willing to work a continent at a time, that does exclude no location, and oceans, haven’t found an easy way to filter oceans though.

i think you are supposed to be able to mappable=false to achieve what you’re trying to do, but it seems to behave inconsistently for me. there’s also geo=false, which seems to also pick up observations with private locations, but it seems to behave more consistently – so that may be the best filter unless someone can find something better.

maybe the addition of geoprivacy=open might help exclude observations with private locations.

UPDATE: sorry, i think i read your original request backward… so geo=true should probably do what you’re looking for (to find observations that do have a location).


Good call, I had missed the &geo= parameter before!

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