Find my observations not in Africa/Europe

I’ve made a lot of obs for CNC, so going through them isn’t easy. I’ve had some issues with my phone’s gps. I need to find all my obs with a missing location. How do I find them? A search for ‘casual’ might be a start, but I can’t seem to get &quality_grade=casual to work. tks.

Not something I’d normally do, but given that there might be a large number to find, I created a collection project, that excludes the places your observations normally come from. Seems to have worked, most of these observations seem to have no location pinned to the map:

(Something like,97391&user_id=vynbos should have worked, but I couldn’t get any results.)

Ahh, ok,97391&user_id=vynbos&verifiable=any works!

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Brilliant, thanks Tony. Luckily so far I’ve only 21 obs that are not of this World, will correct them now.

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