Search Taxa with Wildcards?

Is there a way to search for taxa on the Taxa Info page so that I can check for multiple name endings without manually searching for each one? For example, say I’m swapping Tricolia compta for Eulithidium comptum. I’d like to see if there are any other combinations to swap as well. Maybe there’s a mismatched E. compta or E. comptus. I’d want to search for any name containing “compt” and not have to search for “compta”, “comptum”, and “comptus”. I’m thinking something like searching “compt*” or having the option to search for any name including “compt” as opposed to matching exactly. I’ll create a feature request if this isn’t possible but I can’t imagine I’m the first person who’s wanted to do this.

Side note: if this is possible, it would also be nice to limit the search to epithets, i.e. exclude genera with “compt” so Comptella, Comptonia, etc. don’t also come up.


if you type “eul compt” in the search box in the taxon page, that will return only Eulithidium comptum in the autocomplete list. you can also search for “eul compt” in universal search next to the iNaturalist logo (though not in the taxon search). i’m not sure if that covers all your use cases exactly, but i think that functionality works well enough in most cases.


Ah that’s helpful. Didn’t know about that. However, that would be restricted to only Eulithidium and it wouldn’t also show results for Tricolia or Phasianella either (I didn’t make that clear initially). For uncommon epithets it would work just to search the epithet, but that wouldn’t work in this case. It would if you could limit the search to a particular taxon the way you can filter the results after a search.

oh ok. you want to be able to search for something like “[wildcard] compt[wildcard]”. i’m not aware of a way to do this, but it’s possible someone else does.

if you search for “search” in the forum, you’ll find various wishes for search to function in different ways. for example: there might be a wish somewhere that matches what you’re looking for.

OK did a fair bit of perusing and it seems like that example is the closest thing to what I want, but sort of the opposite. They want the header search to provide exact matches, I do want the inexact matches so that search is actually helpful for me. However, it has way too many results to be efficient. So I suppose I want the header search with taxon filters like the Taxon Info search.

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