Finding date with most personal observations/species?


I used the search function, but did not find a topic that seemed to match my question.

Is there a possibility to see, which day I submitted most observations and/or most species?

Just wondered while uploading some observations from a trip to the rain forest, which might have been the most observation intense days for me recorded in iNat so far, but I am actually not sure. Snorkeling in the Red Sea left me also with quite some work afterwards to get it all uploaded and I could think about one or two other quite intense nature trips. So would love to see a personal ranking if possible.


You are talking about the Calendar. You can access this by hovering over your profile picture on the top right on, and moving down to the Calendar option.

Otherwise, you can access it at this link:

Edit: There is no ranking on the calendar, it is only to show how many observations you got each day.

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As I remember last time this question was asked it was said you only can look up your calendar, but not search specifically.

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You can also look at the chart on your year in review:

Looks like peak is 146 obs on Jan 30th.


Thank you guys. As I am not too long on iNat yet, your mentioned solutions work for me without too much searching around.

26.10.2020 seems to be my peak so far with 171 observations and yet 98 IDed species. So Red Sea beats Ecuadorian Rainforest for now in that regard :-)

Thank you.

yup. there’s not an easy way to get max species count as far as i know (at least not at a daily level), but you can get max observation count using the API observation histogram endpoint. here’s something that may help you visualize the results a little bit better:

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