Is there any way to find observations you identified before a certain date?

Specific question, I know. I’m trying to find observations I IDed between May 9, 2020 and May 8, 2021. I need to know how many different observers they came from. I asked @naturalist_aditya and @treegrow for help, and they said that while there was no URL to search identifications by date, there might be a way to do it with the API, which I know nothing about. So if anyone is good with that sort of stuff, please let me know.

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for your IDs made for others between 12AM (UTC) on 2020-05-09 and 11:59PM on 2021-05-08…

total_results here gives you a distinct observer count:

and this will show you each of the IDs in that set:

just curious… why are you trying to get this information?


This link will show her IDs on observations observed between those dates, regardless of when she made the IDs. It will not include any older observations she IDd on those days, and it will include observations she didn’t ID on those days but did subsequently ID.


I don’t entirely understand all that, but I’ll try to sort it out later and if it works, that’s good enough for me. I want the information because I’m writing a journal post about my activity during the first year I used iNat. I got totals for observations and identifications, but I also want to know how many different observers the obs I IDed came from, and how many IDs were made on my own observations during that period, from how many people. That last may be tricky as well, so if you have any ideas on it please add them.

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Can the /stats/ page be configured for an arbitrary date range?

this is indeed a little tricky to get. ideally, the API’s /identifications endpoints would have an observer_id filter parameter to allow for easy filtering, but they don’t. you could make a feature request for this though, and i think it might be useful for a lot of folks. short of that, you’d have to go through all your observations and figure out how many unique users provided identifications. it wouldn’t be super hard to do if you can do some coding, but it’s not something i would expect non-coders to be able to do with any reasonable effort.

if you’re talking about, i think you’re limited to the pre-defined date ranges that are provided


[quote=“pisum, post:7, topic:24439”] ideally, the API’s /identifications endpoints would have an observer_id filter parameter

When we were doing the first IDathon we really racked our brains for a way around this but couldn’t figure one out.

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Yeah, that was my backup plan. The amount of coding I know is small enough that it would be useless in this situation, so I’ll do it manually - click through every observation I made during that period and write down or copy/paste all the identifier names into a list, then count them. It’ll take a while but I don’t really have anything better to do right now.

Good point!

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