Show 500 observations on Calendar pages

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On a profile main page, the Calendar icon only shows the first 200 observations of the day. This amount is exceeded by many people every day.
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On the[insert username] feature, there is a maximum amount of 200 observations per person per day that is shown. Therefore, if a user found a new species as their 211th observation of the day, it would not show up on the life list. I have breached the 200 observation mark on over 50 separate dates, and many other people have breached this more times than I have. I am not sure how many people use the calendar on a regular basis, but expanding this may bring more users to the calendar feature.
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In at least the past 3 years, no updates have been made for the calendar feature.
For any specific date for anyone, the calendar should be expanded to include 500 observations instead of the current 200 observations, and every new taxon found that day would be shown in the “Life List Firsts” category in the upper right corner, even if it comes later than the 500th observation. The “Explore” feature for species was expanded from 500 to 1000 species last year, and I hope the same can be done for the calendar feature.
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