Finding missing species from the list

Is there a way to filter out species not recorded in a project that has a list of taxa?

You would have to make a project excluding every known species observed.

I think she means if a project has a defined list of taxa, which of those are not reported.

I dont think there is a way, but perhaps someone knows.

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For a traditional project with a defined species list, I don’t know of a way. For a place-based collection project where the associated place has a check list, you can use the check list interface to do this. In the web interface, go to the place “Species” tab, scroll down and click on “View Check List Page,” then click “no” under “Observed” in the filter menu. (I guess even for a traditional project, if it has an associated place, you might be able to edit the place’s check list to match your project taxon list and then use the check list filter for your query.)

This requires the checklist to be complete for the place, which is true for a very small percentage of locations. Most checklists are built up via observations, with a small number of additions of unseen taxa.

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There’s a collectional project with around 700 species in the list, place species list won’t be the same as it is a Red Book project.

Actually, I was wrong about projects. If your project has a “project list”, the same filter menu is available as for places. For example, this project: On the main page, below the member information, is a link to the project list. Clicking on that gets you to something like this, where you can filter for unobserved species:

If your project has a list, but the link doesn’t show on the projects main page, there’s a checkbox to turn that link on or off in the project settings. (You probably know more about project settings than I do, so if this isn’t relevant, please forgive me.)

It’s a traditional project, mine is collectional and there’s no link like that there, though it’s cool to know this too!

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