In traditional projects, add number of observations to project checklist page

Currently, I can view the project’s checklist and I can view the list of species that have been observed, but there is no way to directly see which checklist species have no observations in the project.

I would like to see the number of observations in the project for each species on the checklist page. This would help me create “wish lists” or target species for our volunteers to focus on.

Yeah, I was just researching checklists and lists in general in iNaturalist, and noticed that the “checklist” feature is only present for Places, and is not also present for projects. What is the rationale behind not having this feature available for traditional projects as well (or for collection projects too, I feel like this would be a helpful addition even though you would have to take the identification with a grain of salt!).

Additionally, is there a way to share lists and Place checklists with other users that I am missing, or is that not possible? :)

Cause checklists are mostly needed to show something that isn’t presented as observations, projects show observations and you can easily see all species that were met on project pages.
You can download list data and othr user can use the file for their list, if you mean that kind of saring, lists are visible for everyone.

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