Finding Taxon Swaps

Is there a way to search for taxon swaps that have affected your observations? They tend to get lost in my feed and I’d like to go though and ensure my observations are correct. I also want to stay up to date with taxonomies.

You could use this url and complete the filters. :)

I’m not quite sure how to find the ones that affect all your observations and not just your own IDs on your observations.

But you can see your taxon change IDs on your obs with the iNat Identifications API + a more user-friendly way to visualize it like @pisum has put together:

Edit: Oops, it doesn’t look like @sdhjuw is your iNaturalist username - would you mind updating your Forum account to match? :)

Uh oh, new forum topic for me, I can’t see to change this easily. I am nickmoore91 on iNaturalist.

But this is awesome, I need to learn more about the more technical things that can be done with the URLs, but it’s a bit out of my comfort zone. Any chance you have a good link to definitions of the parameters I can input to this awesome search?

Edit: I found it (!/Identifications/get_identifications)

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I also independently provided the taxon changes link on a feature request recently. I suggested there that it may be best to move at least the request to bug reports and mark it solved? (or to merge both topics). By the way, is the taxon change link findable when starting from the homepage? (I found it linked to individual taxon changes which are shown in notifications for subscribed taxa)

You can update your forum username on the Account tab of your Preferences page:


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