Finding taxon change info from API


I have looked but been unable to find any way of acquiring specific taxonomic swap information for a taxon via the API. For instance:

For the African Fish-Eagle [] “taxon_change_count” = 1

This change was made just one day ago [], so searching the internet for the new classification turns up rather useless results.

I tried [] but that doesn’t work and there’s no documentation for getting taxon change information.

Is there any way of getting taxon change information that anyone here knows of?



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Can you clarify what you’re looking for? You want the same info available on but from the API? Or you want background info on why the change was made? Or something else?

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Precisely, I’m looking for detailed taxon change information but available via the API. Currently, it doesn’t appear to be available via the API (unless I’m missing something).

Right, doesn’t pull from the API.


Is there any way of getting this info via the API?

No, the API has no taxon_change endpoint.

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