Fish identifiers

We really need more users who can ID freshwater fish. Most observations I see remain unchecked, especially for rare fish species.

Aquatic animals need love too!


I try to id non US natives whenever I have some downtime and remember to check on inat, but yeah theres definitely a serious lack of people on inat both observing and identifying these smaller tropical species, which kinda sucks since, as an aquarium hobbyist I do like to use inat as a resource in addition to papers and videos and things like that to try to find out where the fish im keeping come from and what their habitats are like


I would think that aquarium hobbyists would be the most likely identifiers for tropical freshwater fishes. A good book on aquarium fishes can be used almost as a field guide. It’s how I learned the difference between neon tetra and cardinal tetra, for example.


ID is especially useful for invasive species, in my opinion. To take note on what fish have entered our waters.
Besides that, the native fish diversity is interesting! The lack of guide books for fish is a problem, even aquarium books are sometimes more useful

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