Fix taxobox parameters in "create this page on Wikipedia" prompt

@plantdrew noted this before, but looks like the Speciesbox and Automatic taxobox parameters still need to be adjusted. The taxon= parameter is missing from the Speciesbox pages. I’d also recommend removing “parent=” and “rank=” completely and just showing “taxon=”. You can use the entire name of the taxon and plop it in there. Additional parameters like image, taxon authority, etc. can be filled in later. I personally also prefer using “genus=” and “species=” instead of “taxon=” for speciesboxes, but just taxon= works. (species)

Should just be:
|taxon=Salix myricoides

}} (above species (note to self looks like this is a synonym))

Should just be:
{{Automatic taxobox


Added to my weekly report.

This has been done. If it’s working, feel free to close.

There were a few new changes here that I’m not sure I support (as both an iNatter and Wikipedian). I’m not sure iNat should be purporting to be a source of taxonomy that will spread to Wikipedia, especially if we’re just an incomplete EOL or COL2012 pass-through for many taxa. I prefer the idea of prompting people to write Wikipedia articles and possibly explicitly telling them to source/confirm the taxonomic and other information from elsewhere. I regularly remove references to iNaturalist on Wikipedia (such as distribution or vernacular names) because in most cases it fails to meet the reliable source criteria.

If you definitely do want to list sub/ infraspecific taxa listed in the article prompts, they should be formatted like this for plants, fungi, and algae, and shouldn’t be linked because very few infraspecific taxa are notable enough for their own articles:

''Salix myricoides'' var. ''albovestita''
''Salix myricoides'' var. ''myricoides''

(These particular examples are synonyms in POWO though.)

Anyway, as far as this specific bug report, the changes to the code should be as I had posted above. The |rank= and |parent= lines still need to be removed. Parent and rank do not need to be defined, because:

For a taxon where the parent is defined in the taxonomy template system on Wikipedia, it uses the genus taxonomy template and adds the higher parentage automatically:

and for one where it isn’t:

The Wikipedia editor would then click the “Fix” link and it brings you here: which has detailed instructions for “grafting” it into the taxonomy on Wikipedia.


It seems that this is still including the unnecessary “parent” parameter in the code generated for the Wikipedia article. I’ve come across another new(ly active) Wikipedia editor who is creating new article with a “parent” parameter, which I assume is due to creating article through this tool on iNaturalist