Flags for deleted comments will now show a link to the page where the comment was added

Until today, if a flagged comment was deleted iNaturalist just showed Deleted Comment and it was difficult for impossible to find the page where the comment was posted. This made it harder for curators to understand the context of the flag and to see if any other moderation work needed to be done.

Starting now, all new comments for flags will retain a link to the “parent” page of the comment if the comment has been deleted. For example, here’s a flag for a comment made on an observation page:


This is not retroactive, so it any flag made before this feature was released is not affected by this change.

Let us know if you find any bugs.




dear @tiwane, I seem to have missed something. I made a comment to one of my observations, left the observation , opened it and deleted the comment. No flag seen.
Where do I see the flag ? Or how shall I proceed.

This isn’t for that situation. This is for when:

  1. User 1 makes comment.
  2. Comment is flagged by User 2
  3. User 1 deletes flagged comment.
  4. The flag from step 2 links to the page where the now-deleted comment had been posted.

Ok, thank you very much!

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This isn’t working if the observation and/or the user making the comment has been deleted.

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In that case there would be nothing to link to. Do you think in those cases we should say something like “Original content has been deleted” or something to that effect?

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Here for example - flagged comment was deleted

That’s unrelated. The update described in this thread is for iNaturalist.


In effect it already says that. And once the user has deleted their profile and taken their observations with it, there may not be anything left to do, so for all the difference it makes the way it is is probably fine.

Very nice! At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I have to ask if this will be implemented for other content types (mostly because the feature request that was just closed is broader than what was implemented).


I think it can be extended to other content. What would make the most sense? IMO identifications do, as well as sounds. It’s already working for photos.

I was thinking mostly photos. I haven’t seen this new format on any of the deleted photos I looked at. Is that because the observations were also deleted? (They were within the right time frame.)

That might be helpful. Just like if the account has been deleted it says “Deleted user”.

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