Flags won't resolve (3 under Insecta)

This might be a similar issue to https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/resolving-flags-on-messages/1584

There are currently 3 flags for Insecta (incidentally duplicates) that aren’t showing as resolved when attempted to be marked as such (at least 2 curators have attempted to do so).


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Thanks, we’ll take a look.

Looks like the user somehow added three flags for the same thing, which shouldn’t be possible. We’ll see if we can figure out how he did it.

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I don’t think there is a restriction on the same user creating multiple flags on the same entity (unless 2 is allowed but it blocks at 3). I’ve seen it plenty of times. If there is such a restriction, it is not working.

Here is a taxon with a person having 2 flags active on it as an example:

I’ve never had any issue resolving a flag when seeing a case where the same user has multiple ones on the same item,

Just relaying what devs have told me. Perhaps the restriction isn’t working.

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Tony, if you are the one who looked at the link and dont need the example, you can try resolving the 1st of those. That request is done, if it closes successfully, that should close that line of inquiry

The flags are now marked resolved.

The restriction is using the exact same text in the flag reason on the same taxon.