Resolving flags on messages

Have curators somehow lost the ability to resolve flags on messages?

One came in, I directed to user to the help email and wanted to resolve but get a message as follows when i try. We had a problem flagging that item: You don’t have permission to do that.

Never had a problem with this before, and I can still resolve other flags.

i just tried it and it won’t allow me to resolve the flag either

After being advised that it was ok to do so for my own taxon swaps, I resolved a few of my own swaps this morning, then tried to resolve another, and nothing happened. Maybe I was doing too many resolves with the same comment too quickly?

others are having trouble resolving flags today too, i think there’s some sort of bug. @tiwane if you aren’t in the desert yet… or @loarie ?

Flags and taxon swaps are not the same thing, it is quite possible whatever the issue is only impacts one of them.

right but if both aren’t working at once, one might assume there could be a broader bug going on with flags

I couldn’t resolve it either. Will make a quick report.

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Looks like Ken-ichi fixed this one, as the flag is now resolvable.