Follow a user from the Relationships page

Would be good to have some way to add users directly from the relationships page:

Right now the only ways to trust a user with hidden coordinates but not follow them are to:

  • follow the user, go to the relationships page, and then uncheck the box next to follow and check the box next to trust with hidden coordinates, or
  • find an observation of yours where they have added an ID/comment, click the arrow in the top right corner of their ID and select “trust this person with your hidden coordinates” (thanks @vynbos)

(The relationships page is accessible from your account settings on the right side, down a bit. Whenever the profile pages are redesigned, there should probably be a more visible way to access it from there too eh)

Thanks for sharing. We have a project with an endangered frog and as we couldn´t see the real location we were going to start asking each user to send us an email with the info. I agree with making it more visible, since I never noticed that section before this post.


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