You're not following anyone on iNaturalist yet! - Relationships user search issue

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

Description of problem: On the Relationships tab of user settings (, searching for a user that I neither follow nor trust with hidden coordinates shows a message that says “You’re not following anyone on iNaturalist yet!”

I then have to remove the text and press Enter on my keyboard in order to show my full list of followed/trusted users again (or I can refresh the page).

No message is displayed on the standalone Relationships page:

Removing the text and pressing Search again will show the list of followed/trusted users on the Relationships page:

Both ways of clearing the search are a little unclear. Needs a little (x) icon in the search box to clear the search.

Ideally searching for a user I neither follow/trust on these pages should give me the option to do either/both.

Added a bug report here: