Follow this observation button only functioning on some observations

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Step 1: Choose an observation to open in a new tab from (Grid mode)

Step 2: Click on arrow next to the Follow button (top right) and select “This observation” and nothing happens


Step 3: Reload the page, copy URL to a new page, but the problem persists.


I’m running into the same issue - when I select “This observation” under the Follow dropdown on an observation, the loading symbol shows up for a brief (but variable) amount of time, then disappears without “Unfollow” appearing. Following observations still seems to work like normal in Identify, though (including for observations that couldn’t be followed from the observations themselves).

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Had the same issue, but was on an observation of someone I am already following.
Before this you could “follow” the observation as well as the person.

I think my issue is probably related; I am unable to unfollow any observation that I have placed an identification on. More descriptively, clicking the “Unfollow this observation” command leads to a brief spinny-wheel, lasting a second or two, without any evident change (i.e., option to unfollow still displayed).
This began 04/25/21, and seems to apply to all observations as far as I can tell.
Browser interface is Safari 13.1.2 on High Sierra 10.13.6

The problem is persisting.

I am unable to follow &

I left a message at and am now following the observation. I did test if I am able to unfollow, I am unable to change it.

2 days later: still happening, intermittently.

We’ll take a look.


I have been adding a rough ID, to make sure I can follow

This should be fixed now. Working well for all of the examples I tried from this thread.


Thank you! Seems to be working fine now.

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