Follow button (pulldown menu) on observation page

I’ve noticed an issue with the follow button or pulldown that appears on an observation page and allows you to follow a specific observation or a user. It is not visible when I’m running the Adblock Plus addon to Firefox or Chrome. I’ve been using Adblock without problems on iNaturalist until a few weeks ago.

Has anyone else experienced the problem? Has something changed in the site that has recently created this behavior?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Yes, it’s happened to other users, over a year ago, so I don’t think it’s a new issue since nothing has changed on the iNat observation detail page that I’m aware of.

iNaturalist doesn’t run any ads, so you can probably just fix it by turning off Adblock on the domain.


I advise switching to uBlock Origin, which doesn’t have this problem, uses less CPU and memory, and doesn’t white-list adds for a fee from the advertising company.


Thanks, bouteloua. All good now.
Jeremy Hussell, thanks for the suggestion on uBlock Origin. I’ve installed it and it looks like a better option than Adblock Plus.

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