iNaturalist Updates for April 2021

Here’s a list ofmost iNat updates that were released April, 2021. Thank you, @forum_moderators, for keeping track of these!


  • Launched two new iNaturalist Network sites—localized websites supported by local institutions that promote local use and facilitate the use of data from iNaturalist to benefit local biodiversity
  • Added Moderation Notes for better coordination between curators, site admin, and staff
  • Continued work on API v2
  • Continued work on time zone handling
  • Many additional translations throughout the websites and apps - you can help



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iOS - 3.2 released

  • Audio support: record audio to make an observation and play back audio files in observations
  • Setting to show scientific names first or only show scientific names
  • Like the website and Android, now defaulting to suggesting only “seen nearby” taxa in computer vision suggestions
  • Now supporting Thai and Arabic
  • Crash fixes


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  • Released April Challenge, sponsored by National Geographic
  • Observations in Android are now backed up when you back up your device. If you get a new Android device or have to reset your current one, the observations should be restored if your phone is backed up.
  • Added a settings button when camera is open
  • Fixes to scientific name formatting
  • Users can now interact with the Species Nearby location picker even when device location services are turned off (the map does not display until they input a location name). This allows users to explore species nearby without Seek needing to know the user’s location and without the user having GPS signal. Location picker also now includes coarser place names
  • Fixes to text being cut off due to locale or font size

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For even more bug fixes and updates, check out iNaturalist on github and see previous monthly updates.


Thanks again forum moderators! Keep up the great work!

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