Follow/Unfollow observations from the app

Particularly I would like a way to unfollow observations when I’m using the app.

I just realized that there is no way (that I know of) to follow an observation in the Android app (iOS too?). I generally use the Desktop platform mainly because that is what I am use to but also because it is so much more robust - in an observation that I was helping to ID, someone left a comment so that he could follow the observation so that he too could know what the plant was. I had pointed out to him that that was a good way to follow but that there was also a button to select to follow the User or the observation. He remarked that he was using a mobile app and that the button was not an option. I think if one is to explore observations, desktop or mobile, it is quite educational to find out what certain observation are identified as. As well, if one wanted to unfollow an observation, one could - personally I like to know how my identifications evolve but if one does a lot I can see it becoming a little much - say, you piped in on Gerald, do you want to know the rest of that observations evolution?


This was implemented back in February! Thank you. :cowboy_hat_face: