Following high level taxa

Is there a way I can choose a high level taxon like Lepidoptera, limit it to my home country, and ‘Follow’ it so I get a notification whenever someone makes a record in that space?


You can subscribe to a place, and then choose a taxon for that place


Thanks! I was able to do it. Will I get these in my email ‘New Updates’?

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I am not sure - I apparently stopped getting emails I would expect to receive based on the tick boxes activated in my account. However, even in the past, I never received any emails about such abonnements. Might be just an issue with my account, though

Just a note, I have heard subscribing to something too high-volume, such as a large taxon in a popular place, is hard on iNat’s servers.

Let’s see what happens!

You should receive them in your daily updates, but as @carnifex said there might be a bug with those right now (see here).

It can be, especially if it’s for a really active place or you just subscribe to something like all plants. Assuming @stevewoodhall’s home country is South Africa, I think it probably won’t be too overwhelming.

Hi Tony,

I get email updates every day, so I’m looking forward to what I see in the morning. I did a search for Papilionoidea in South Africa tonight and did dozens of identifications, some of which were really good records. There are nearly 48 000 observations and so far 546 species (we have 806 taxa to subspecies level here). So a lot of work to do!




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