"Following" a taxon

Is there a way to follow a taxon such that I would get a notification when new observations of it are posted? I have looked and not found one. The particular case I have in mind would have a very limited number of observations. However I can see that if a lot of people “follow” taxa that have large numbers of observations there could be a big load on the servers. Maybe that is why it has not been implemented?


Yes. Go to the homepage. On the right side, scroll down until you see subscriptions. Click Subscribe to a taxon, and enter the taxon there.


As you can see in this screenshot, I am subscribed to Clitoriinae, and there is a notification of new observations added to that taxon in my feed.

Thanks @Star3. How did I miss that?!

Too be fair, I missed it once too.
And just FYI, there are some limitations to the Taxon search there.

Example, I wanted to subscribe to genus Sea, a butterfly taxon.
The taxon serach in subscriptions only loads the first 31 taxon matches, and the butterfly genus isn’t in those 31. In this instance, Genus Sea is monotypic, so I got around it by adding the species Sea sophronia , but for underrepresented taxons with multiple species, adding every sub-taxon might not be a viable workaround.

[SHAMELESS PLUG: Please upvote my feature request for the taxon/place subscriptions to “show more” :grinning:: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/show-more-results-when-subscribing-to-taxon-or-place/10232 Oops, it’s been closed.]

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